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Beginning School & Lower School Library: BSLS


Join us in the library during Monday morning recess for 

Monday Morning Moving!

Music and guided dance for everyone


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Library Hours

OPEN: 7:30 am to 4:15 pm, except during outdoor morning recesses & Thursday lunch recesses 


Monday: Quiet Space

Tuesday: Active Choice

Wednesday: Open Mic

Thursday: O.P. = Outside Play 

Friday: Quiet Space

Social Justice Community Meeting

Lots of Great New Books!

Lower School Library Life

Quiet Space: Lunch Recess 
Monday & Friday

Reading on the Ramp

A Good Book & a Pile of Pillows:
Life is Good!

Join the Recess Puzzle Pack!

Open Mic! Wednesday Lunch Recess
...but sign up any day

Open Mic!
Audience Love

Open Mic!

Open Mic!
Lots of Laughs


Open Mic!
Taming the Unicorns

Open Mic! 
Rockin' the Joke Box!

Books + Friends = Happiness

Knock Hockey Challenge at

Tuesday Active Choice Recess

Origami Master in Creation Mode

Love that Beaver Bench!

Open Mic!

Happy Audience


Open Mic!

Marvelous Music


Open Mic!

Singin' a Tune!

Open Mic!

Friends from above!

Practicing for Revels!

Practicing for Revels!

Learning a New Rhythm

Solitaire and Computer Play!

Knock Hockey Face-Off

Dancing in the Library!

Dancing in the Library!

Singing up a Storm!

Special Guest Joseph Jackson!

Everybody's Favorite Psychic Talk Show!

BS & LS Librarian

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Lisa Ellenberg
Lower School Library
503-297-1894 ext. 2030

BS & LS Assistant Librarian

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Derek King
(503) 297-1894 x 2031