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Middle School Library: Karl Jonske '99 Fund

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Karl Jonske '99

Karl Jonske '99

Enjoying some sports at Catlin


About Karl Jonske '99

Karl Jonske ’99 (1980-2002)

Have you ever picked up a book in our library and seen this image in the very front? Do you know that each year Catlin hosts a “Jonske speaker”? Do you know the name Karl Jonske, or why his name is tied to books and an annual event? We’d like to make sure you do.

Karl was a 1999 graduate of Catlin’s Upper School. He loved to read, and was happiest in a library or bookstore. Sadly, he died in 2002. To honor Karl and keep him in the Catlin community, his parents created a fund for the library to buy books with him in mind. There are now about 800 of them in the MS Library, and many more in the US. You can find them by searching for Jonske as a keyword in our catalog.

The image, called a bookplate, has a great deal of meaning. It is a compilation of many of Karl’s interests.

The first window shares some of Karl’s athletic passions – basketball, tennis, and scuba diving. The middle window shows just a few of Karl’s reading and academic loves. These include science fiction and fantasy, poetry, faith and religion, Shakespeare, the epic Gilgamesh, languages, math, and music.

The last window was inspired by Karl’s love for others. Karl always had pets, and as a young child he was fascinated by eagles. The window reaches out to everyone. The wing in the image is quite possibly an angel, an eagle, or the loving protection and support of family and friends.

Finally, comes the quote, “Corpus sequatur ut animum inveniat inter chaos et confusionem.” This Latin phrase represents Karl’s natural curiosity and search for enlightenment. He always followed interesting strands that lead him to seek additional knowledge. In English, the quote means, “A body seeking life creating itself amid chaos and confusion.”

Please enjoy some of the many books we have thanks to Karl, his loving parents, and other people who have donated to Karl’s fund. 

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