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Social Studies Subject Guide: Human Crossroads



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Resistance and Resilience

Human Crossroads:  Resistance and Resilience

(Image of Climate Strike in Melbourne, Australia in 2019. Wikipedia image may be shared through Creative Commons license.)

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Think First, Search Second
Good research is the result of good thinking. 

Brainstorm a list of keywords and phrases relevant to your topic, and include synonyms.  This is an essential step you should never skip.  Think about synonyms for your keywords and phrases.

Use quotation marks to search for exact phrases.

  • ex:  "population growth"
  • ex:  "climate strike"
  • ex:  "native american"

Start with a general search, and narrow it down as you look through your results.


Online News Sources

How-To Videos

Helpful Websites
(We are updating this page as we learn about the topics you're researching.)

NOTE: Some of these links are to other libraries' excellent guides about your topics. Notice that not all of the links will be relevant or accessible, but many will! 

Voting Rights Movement
Voting Rights:  A Collection of resources to learn about the history and legacy of the Voting Rights Act. Website at Rutgers University libraries. Use the red links at left of page to access interesting materials.

Disability Rights: ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
Disability Studies:  a page of links at Elon University Library that offers some good links. Check out the red box on the left of their page entitled Disability Rights Movement in the United States.

Pro-Choice Movement, and Roe v. Wade Overturn
Hot Topics: Reproductive Rights:  This page from the University of Maine's library offers a wealth of links to news about abortion rights, legal issues, and more. 

Women's Suffrage and the 19th Amendment: Overview:  This page offers lots of useful links, and is hosted by Michigan State University. Notice the tab on Black Women's Suffrage. 

National Women's History Museum:  Crusade for the Vote:  Follow the links for primary sources and historical timelines. 

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