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Upper School Library: Fac/Staff Guide to the US Library

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During Remote Learning:
The US Library building is closed, but Sue & Derek will be available via email and Zoom. We'll post our schedules at the top of this page.

Services we provide to US Fac/Staff

Catlin Gabel Faculty & Staff Guide to the US Library, 2019-2020
We provide research databases, books, instruction, research support, and of course, study and work space.

Our Mission
The Upper School Library enriches the curriculum, teaches practical, lifelong research skills, collaborates with teachers, and actively promotes reading for pleasure and information beyond the boundaries of the classroom. 

The Library Environment
Our US Library is an active, busy, heavily utilized library space that serves 300+ students and 200+ adults.  It is not a traditional, quiet library.  There is a quieter study area, and a group study area, where students are encouraged to work collaboratively and discuss ideas.  

How We Can Help You

  • We can buy books and other materials you and your students need for teaching and research.
  • We're able to support upcoming assignments that involve research. 
  • Sue can meet with you and co-teach a class on research skills using academic databases or search engines.
  • Sue can build a LibGuide course page to provide research starting points for your students.
  • We can set up a reserve shelf for books your students need to use for an assignment.

As your department’s curriculum changes, let me know.  I’ll help build the collection to cover your needs.  I actively solicit your suggestions for specific titles and general subject areas for acquisitions.

Borrowing Privacy
Borrowers' privacy is important to us.  We do not share information about what any student or adult asks, reads, or utilizes.  Materials placed on reserve for a class, and equipment, are exceptions to this rule.

Finding Things
We use LibGuides as our primary pages for all US Library resources.

Borrowing Books & DVDs

  • Bring items you want to check out to Derek or Sue, and we'll check them out for you.
  • Check our catalog for all titles, and their availability and location. The link is on the upper left of this page.
  • Books check out for 1 month to students, and may be renewed. Faculty may check out books for longer periods of time.
  • Please bring back materials when you are finished using them.  We like to keep things circulating!

I collaborate with colleagues to teach research skills to students in everything from Foundations to Jr. English to Science Research classes.  While our teens are quick with technology, they lack practical research skills. Tired of always seeing the same three links on that assignment?  I can help introduce your students to better options.  Experience & research demonstrate that most students at this age know very little about research beyond looking up books in a library catalog and conducting rather clumsy Google searches.  There is plenty of room for improvement.

Books on Reserve
We build reserve shelves for your classes!Do you need your students to share access to a group of titles?  We'll gladly create a course reserve shelf in the Manuscript Room. With a few days’ notice, we can set up a shelf with your course materials on hand for students to browse, scan, and use during their free periods.  Typically, reserve shelf items check out in the library only, and overnight/over the weekend.  Let us know what you need!

Helping Students Cite Correctly
The US Library’s web page offers a number of links that provide clear, concise help in citing sources using MLA and Chicago style.  We encourage you to point your students toward these carefully chosen sources. 

The library has print subscriptions to the following newspapers: The New York Times*, The Oregonian, and The Beaverton Valley Times. We maintain print copies of titles with an asterisk (*) for several months.  Other titles we retain for a few weeks to a month.   We also have newspaper databases that provide excellent coverage of regional and international news.   

We subscribe to approximately 50 print journals.  Many of these titles are housed in the library, but some subscriptions are housed in classrooms on campus.  In addition to print titles, we have electronic access (via EbscoHost, JSTOR, and Gale databases) to full-text articles from about 20,000 periodicals.

All DVDs are listed in the online catalog, and check out for 7 days to students, and for longer periods to faculty.  DVD discs (not cases) are kept in a locked cabinet at the desk to prevent loss.  If you use these materials in your teaching, please be sure to reserve them in advance so we’ll have them ready and checked in for your use.

We provide database subscriptions to JSTOR, as well as a number of EbscoHost and Gale databases, and the Oxford English Dictionary.  We link to MultCoLib databases that may be useful for research.  We’re glad to help you and your students select the right ones to meet your research needs.  Note:  We have 50+ print journals, and electronic access to over 20,000 more titles.

Reserve a Room
The Situation Room is the only reservable study room in the library.  It features a large, heavy wooden seminar table, and can seat up to 10 people in reasonable comfort.  The room is not soundproof.  Please use the signup clipboard at the front desk of the library to schedule this room for short blocks of time.  Please plan ahead, as this room is in constant demand and use by students.

You may leave blank or incomplete tests with us at the library front desk for students to complete.  We do not proctor tests due to our own workload and the number of students in the library.  Please use your judgment in choosing whether these conditions are appropriate for individual students.

Please contact Sue @, or stop by.

Your US Librarian

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Sue Phillips
Upper School Library
503.297.1894 x4550 (circulation desk); (503)297-1894 x4100 (voicemail)